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Construction Trends Today

In general, the construction industry has always been the slowest and most reluctant to accept new changes, but in recent years that has not been the case. The acceptance of different new technologies, developments, and practices has been a welcome change in this very traditional industry that has long relied on its common and verified methods and ways of work. At Tri-Star, the local plumbing contractor in Savannah, GA, we can confirm that today, it has evolved and developed. It relies on some of the most innovative practices and newest technologies that have helped it grow, spread and benefits significantly from them. Here are some of those trends and practices.

Energy Efficiency and Green Building

One the most important trends in construction has been the effort to significantly lower the impact commercial buildings have and leave on the environment because a large portion of the total energy use in the U.S. goes towards powering commercial buildings.
Therefore, if the end goal is for the big buildings that waste a lot of energy to waste significantly less of it, the entire process of constructing them should be modified and upgraded according to that principle.

Then we are talking about green or sustainable building, and that includes both the design and the construction aspect – a whole-building design approach. All the elements are worked out by one team and should be incorporated to work well together, towards the end goal of energy efficient, green buildings. From the materials used to the type of insulation, roofing and heating systems – everything should be as sustainable and as efficient as possible.

Since the green trend has taken hold of many aspects of everyday life, and more and more people are accepting it or even making it their priority to live more sustainably and to lower their carbon footprint, it is even profitable and more valuable for an HVAC company to be focused on green practices. It will make them more competitive on the market, and it will attract more clients.

Smart Technologies and Integration of Information

The construction industry has introduced and accepted some smart technologies and smart gadgets that have helped it keep up with the modern times, develop and become more efficient. Software programs, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), have helped integrate the entire process of construction – the data and information, the materials, the progress, the workers, etc. Different smart technologies and gadgets connect and synchronize with it to help it collect and analyze all kinds of data and important information that is vital for the optimal progress of construction. From smartphones and mobile apps, through smart wearable sensor technologies, such as vests and helmets, to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones – they are all connected and in charge of different aspects of the construction process. With them, communication has become easier, data more accessible and available, building process faster, and the possibility of injuries and other workplace safety risks much lower. All of this has made cooperation better, and with it the entire process faster, more efficient and less expensive.