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Must-See Museums in Savannah


Museums can teach you more about the history of the place you are visiting. By visiting museums in the list below – brought to you by Tri-Star, an HVAC contractor in Savannah, GA – you educate yourself while having fun, and you might even find some inspiration along the tours. You also have the opportunity to connect with local people and learn morehttps://www.tristarsavannah.com/hvac-contractor about their culture and environment.


Savannah has many museums and educational centers covering everything from colonial and maritime history to African-American history. Some museums are situated in historic buildings what makes them even more spectacular. It is easy to come across the museum of your taste while visiting Savannah as there is something for everyone.


The history museum of Savannah


The history of Savannah goes back to 1733, and everything from then until now can be seen in the History Museum of Savannah. The old Central of Georgia Railway passenger station is a National Historic Landmark and a great place to display the history of the city. The Savannah History Museum started to operate in this building during 1990. In the museum, there are over 10,000 artifacts. The celebration of the American Revolution and Civil War can be explored in the museum as well as the artistic and cultural revolution of the city.


Art museums of Savannah


Savannah has many interesting art museums that you can visit:


– The Jepson Center displays arts from local African-American artists. You can find several rotating exhibitions there with items that include the permanent collection, as well as traveling exhibition. For the children, there is also an interactive gallery which displays arts specifically of their interest. The Jepson Center has opened in 2006 and is a fascinating contemporary marble and glass building designed by Moshe Safdie.


– The SCAD Museum of art is located outside the Historic District in a historic railroad building. Its focus is mainly the contemporary art, and it is operated by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Some of the permanent collections on display include African-American, British and American art from the 19th century, as well as 19th and 20th-century photography. Exhibits from the SCADs collection of costumes can be seen here as well.

– The Savannah African art museum has opened in 2017 and was created to display the excellent art collection of a local businessman Don Kole. This museum, housed in the historic home, is in the area of the residential Thomas Square Historic District of Savannah. The art represents 130 cultures which consist of 1000 art displays from over 20 nations from Africa. Sculptures, masks, pottery, military objects, wooden figurines and textile can be seen in this museum.


Massie Heritage Center


The oldest school in Georgia is still open, but it operates in the form of a museum. The Massie Heritage Center, seen as a resource center, displays collections of period costumes and holds artifacts from the state and the history of Savannah. The distinguished architectural history on Calhoun Square can also be found here, for example, the Greek revival architecture.

In Savannah around downtown, you can find grand mansions, and some of them have been turned into museums. Here are two examples:


– The Andrew Low house is only one example of museums designed by an architect John Norris. It is an elegant villa from the 19th century, preserved and restored to the Italian style which originally was.


– The Harper Fowlkes House is another home from the 19th century with a traditional southern garden. It’s a Greek revival mansion that will get you excited about architecture.


The Savannah Children’s Museum


For those with kids, be sure to visit the Savannah children’s museum at Tricentennial Park. Little ones can walk through the sensory garden there, explore the maze or enjoy a book at the reading nook. The outdoor setting will encourage interaction with nature. It is located in the upper courtyard of the Central of Georgia Railway Carpentry Shop. Kids can enjoy the hands-on exhibits and activities there while being playful-selfs.


Besides the fact that museums are entertaining, informative and a great way to boost your knowledge, we must not forget that they are also a non-profit organization. Therefore by visiting them, you can support their ability to stay open.