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Bringing Value to Your Home by Mixing Vintage and Modern

Often the modern homes on the market have a better chance to sell quicker and at a higher price. However, do not underestimate the power of “old-fashioned” decor. By throwing vintage into the mixture, it is possible to give your home a more sophisticated and unique look that will appeal to many buyers.

Treatment of the Furniture

Most accent furniture is made from high quality that will last for many years to come. Due to the age, the furniture might look worn down which in most cases does not go with the contemporary furniture. The best way to take care of this problem and to freshen up the antique piece is to give the furniture a new varnish or color treatment. A vintage piece will blend in lovely if it is painted the same color as the wall.

The Ratio

There is no rule book on picking out the furniture or style you want, it all depends on what goes well together. But when it comes to the amount of mixing and matching, there is one rule that counts. It is essential for the room to be dominant in one style only, with only an accent of the other style. In other words, if you favor a more modern style you should just have hints of vintage elements in the decor and the same rule works the other way around.

 Vintage Here and There

If you have a more modern look and want to add a touch of vintage, there are many options! An old dresser, for example, does not have to be restricted to the bedroom. A dresser offers a great storage space in the living room or kitchen, entrance or even in a bathroom and it is spacious enough to prop some art on top of it if you want. If you have a traditional dining table, it can look great with modern chairs or a vintage coffee table can look fabulous in a contemporary living room. Oriental rugs are great for adding texture and patterns to a room, or even some floral throw pillows will be enough to provide that vintage touch. Vintage lamps placed next to the bed or in the living room gives excellent atmosphere, or if you can find a beautiful crystal chandelier, it is sure to become the leading attraction in any living space. A dull contemporary room can look more interesting by merely adding vintage frames, art, mirrors, vases, rocking chairs or just a traditional chest as the centrepiece. The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Overall

If you choose to have an overall vintage look with some modern pieces here and there, then your interior will end up having a luxurious, regal, layered look. Jewel tones and light colors like pastel shades were used a lot during 1940’s to 1950’s. Furniture pieces will mostly consist of Victorian and French style. You can choose from florals, jacquards, paisley, folk to ethics for fabrics in pillows, curtains or upholstery for example. An overall vintage look will undoubtedly make your home seem charming and elegant. To keep your home stylish at the same time, make sure to add just enough modern decor throughout the designs.

By embracing styles that are contrasting, you can add some liveliness to your home that will catch potentials buyer’s eye immediately. We from Tri-Star Savannah, a local AC and plumbing service provider from Savannah, GA have dealt with such situation in the past and know how tricky it can get if you don’t plan things ahead.