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At Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing, our certified technicians are ready to meet your air conditioning needs. We are certified to handle many specialized jobs including routine service, maintenance, indoor air quality solutions, a/c vent duct cleanings, air conditioner replacements, commercial refrigeration and heating & ac repair Rincon. Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing  can help lower your utility bills and improve the comfort of your home or business.

It’s getting hot! Better get your a/c checked! When the summer heat arrives and your home or business refuses to cool down, who are you going to call for your air conditioning needs? Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing, your trusted air conditioning contractor in Rincon, GA! We service and repair all makes and models of a/c equipment. When the time comes to replace your ac system, we sell and install reliable, high efficiency systems that maximize your energy savings while improving the comfort of your home or business.

Central Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plans

Enjoy the greater comfort, lower repair costs and increased lifespan for your air conditioning system with a preventative maintenance plan. Just like a car, you have to maintain your a/c system. You change the oil in your car every few months. Your a/c needs the same attention to avoid breakdowns. We recommend having your system cleaned twice a year and your air filters replaced every month.

Our maintenance programs include actually pulling apart your system and cleaning the coils and drain lines. Please be careful when someone says that they are going to clean your system for $39. This simply is not true. Less than honest companies will use this tactic from time to time so they can get into your home and sell you parts or a system. The average price for a full system maintenance on one system is between $125 and $250 per year.  Click here to request more information about our maintenance programs or to schedule a time to have your system cleaned and inspected!

Our Maintenance Plans

Indoor Air Quality in Rincon, GA

Modern day homes are better insulated. Indoor air pollution is now a major concern! Most of our time is spent indoors. You should want to breathe the cleanest air possible. You can help protect you and others from the allergies and toxins in Rincon, Ga with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products installed by Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing, including: Electronic Air Cleaners, Health-Smart Filters, A/C Ultraviolet Lights, Humidifier Controllers, Dehumidifiers, and more! Click Here to request more information on indoor air quality products.

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

Duct Cleaning Rincon, GA

Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing’s professional air duct cleaning services can help improve your indoor air quality, while reducing allergy symptoms in Rincon, GA. Our a/c duct cleaning service allows your central air conditioning system to run more efficiently, which extends the equipment's' life and saves you money. 

While cleaning your duct work, we will inspect the operation of the system's air flow. We have found many times that the dirt entering your home is a direct result of the duct work being in such bad shape that it is pulling in unfiltered attic air. This also means that you are blowing conditioned air into your attic and ultimately wasting hundreds of dollars a year by keeping the mice in the attic cool!  We also offer services for custom ductwork in Rincon, Ga. We design each duct system to the specification of the home to avoid hot and cold spots that are typical in "track homes" due to the one size fits all installation process for these homes. We are able to fabricate duct work for any custom applications including a store with exposed ductwork or a bank with burglar bars. 

Click here to request more information on our ductwork services. Don't forget to ask about our lifetime warranty on all full duct system installations!


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Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing, a licensed, family & veteran owned heating & air conditioning company in Rincon, Georgia offers 24-hour Emergency Service, Up-Front Pricing, NATE-Certified Technicians, the Best Name Brands, and Quality Heat Pump, Furnace & AC Repair & Replacement Service - That is done right the first time!

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Warranty Parts And Labor

Equipment warranty is a major factor when considering the purchase of a full heating and air conditioning system. When buying a heating and air conditioning replacement system, it is a major investment and we understand the financial commitment made by you. We decided that we would match that major commitment by offering the industry's best warranty.

We offer a 10/12 year warranty on parts and a 10/12 year warranty on the labor for your full split system. This warranty is only for full system replacements, and if the duct work is in good condition. The duct work is a major component of the air conditioning equipment, and poor duct quality leads to MAJOR issues in the long run including: poor air flow, hot and cold spots in the home, increased electric bills, multiple motor failures due to high static pressure, and many more. 

Tri-Star Heating Air & Plumbing gives a lifetime warranty on all full duct systems we install. This is only limited to the original purchaser of the ductwork. We stand behind our workmanship, and this allows us to do something that extremely few other companies are capable of doing when we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

We also require that you have a maintenance performed on the system twice a year in order for us to be able to honor this warranty. This must be completed because an extremely large number of system failures are due to poor or no maintenance performed on the hvac system. If repairs are due to neglect, structural damages, or acts of God then the repair may not be covered by the warranty. These guidelines will follow the manufactures recommendations.  

A Few Fun Facts About Rincon & Effingham County

Rincon and Effingham county are located just north of Savannah GA. The wonderful area is growing at a rapid pace, and is becoming a major area that people who are moving from the Savannah Metro area come to call home. The city of Rincon is growing at the rate of around 120% with just under 10,000 people living in the city!

Another great fact about the Rincon area is that the soldiers who were fighting for our independence marched right through this town! General George Washington once spent some time on the Savannah river in Effingham after he demolished the British in the American Revolution. The city and its surrounding areas are full of such rich history dating back to the families who first settled the land in 1751. The Salzburger family were the original settlers of the county, and descendants of the family still live in the area. 

If you need emergency service, would like a quote on replacing a central heating and air conditioning system, have questions about performing maintenance on your system, or if you would just like to chat then click here or call the office at 1(912)236~2260!

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