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Most Beautiful Parks in Savannah, GA


Savannah has fantastic outdoor spaces which include 22 historic squares and many are in the historic downtown. With tree drapes, big oak trees, Spanish moss together with the historic mansions that can be seen all around, it brings a truly romantic atmosphere. Whether you are going for an evening stroll or an outdoor picnic, Tri-Star Heating, Air & Plumbing in Savannah has made this list of Savannah parks that provide terrific natural places to enjoy.


Forsyth Park

The most significant and most popular park is the Forsyth Park created in 1840. There are 30 scenic acres that you can explore, full of many monuments and a must see fountain. Finding a quiet place to read or a peaceful spot to practice yoga is not difficult. For those who like to be more active, there is a tennis and a basketball court, and for the energetic little ones, there are two playgrounds. A half shell theater provides entertainment from time to time. For those who get hungry from all the fresh air, the good food is at the cafe situated in the park.


Morrell Park

At Morrell Park, you can enjoy a picnic with a water view as it is the only park in Savannah that is next to the river. The Waving Girl statue is also in this park. This statue honors Florence Martus who greeted the ships on the arrival and departure from 1887 to 1937. And the cauldron statue represents the flame lit for the Olympic yachting events in Savannah in 1996. 



Chippewa Square

The Chippewa Square appeared in the movie Forest Gump and is a popular tourist attraction. There is a nine-foot statue of the man who founded Savannah in 1733, General James Oglethorpe. Besides the beautiful natural surroundings and architecture, there is also plenty to do in theaters and cafes situated in the park.


Skidaway Island State Park

If you are looking to see the wildlife or you wish to follow a hiking trail, Skidaway Island State Park is a good choice. For the best view, you climb to the observation tower or visit the interpretive center. If you wish to spend some more time here, you can camp on one of the 80 camping grounds on these 588 acres.


Daffin Park

If you are just taking a walk or are interested in some specific activities, you could find what you are looking for in the Daffin Park. You can choose to take your dog for a walk in the large dog park or have a grill with your friends and family. Also, there’s no lack of sports activities in Daffin Park, and you can find the soccer fields, a tennis court, and a swimming pool there. The Grayson Stadium is also situated there, and it is home to Savannah’s minor league baseball team. To get some peaceful time, you can enjoy the time along the lake, and for the active kids, there is a playground.


Most of Savannah’s parks have lush gardens with a plenty of shade. You can find these parks in many beautiful areas scattered throughout the city. The open cup drinking policy in Savannah makes it possible to share a bottle of wine with friends in parks, or if you are just looking for some quiet time, you can find many quiet spots.