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Savannah is known as a very active city which offers various opportunities for activities of all types. At Tri-Star Heating, Air & Plumbing, we know that the residents of Savannah are well known for a lot of walking and cycling; no wonder people love to be outside in Savannah’s weather. If you are going to visit this sunny city soon, check the list below to find out where to engage in a specific activity or where to find an exciting game.




One of the main sports venues in Savannah is the Grayson Stadium which is one of the oldest ballparks in the entire U.S. Savannah is very proud of its team, the Savannah Sand Gnats whose main mascot is Gnate the Gnat. Visiting their game or even just visiting the Grayson Stadium is a perfect family activity.  You can also enjoy compelling fireworks each Saturday when the evening game takes place.


Biking in Savannah


Savannah might just be the closest to the American Amsterdam; it is an extremely bike-friendly town. Its flat structure allows bicyclists to truly engage in cycling and get to all main points of the city in no time. Savannah has many bike-promoting programs and offers various options for parking. However, there are some important restrictions people have to take a look at to enjoy their ride.



For example, bikers have to follow the lights and signals and never create routes on their own. Codes also require people to install visible white lights after dark. If you and your family decide to experience the city on the wheels, then be sure that children under 16 (and preferably everyone) wear helmets which are legally demanded.

Since biking is very popular here, bike stealing is also very often! Never leave your bike unattended or unlocked because even a few minutes can be crucial.



Golf is, surprisingly, a trendy sport in Savannah, so there are multiple venues and courses where you can sharpen your skills or simply try it out. Bacon Park Course is a modern course with history – it is the oldest course complex in the area restored in 2014. For a more fancy feeling try to visit the Club at Savannah Harbor. It is a resort placed on Hutchinson Island and offers an enchanting view and sense of Savannah.  This property is a home to Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf that takes place each spring and gathers professionals from all over the country.


Boating or Fishing

If you love to spend time on the water, you will enjoy boating and fishing opportunities in Savannah. It might be the most affordable activity out of all starting at 15-20 dollars per person. We recommend you visiting the Bull River Yacht Club which offers countless water programs. You can rent a boat, take a tour, learn about water animals in the area or experience nearby nature through sightseeing tour. One of the most popular activities is a dolphin tour which is ideal for children!


Enjoy yourself!


Savannah undoubtedly offers many exciting activities for the entire family – it is a vibrant, lively town perfect for all age groups!