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What Makes Tri-Star So Different?

Tri-Star is a plumbing and HVAC company that eliminates the customers’ fear of the unknown. You can depend on us when it comes to Heating or Air Conditioner Repair and Installation.

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Plumber – Let Us Deal with Leaks

  • Pipe Leaking Needs to Be Resolved Today

  • Inspect Early and Prevent Expensive Slab Leak Repairs

  • We Address Emergency Situations Urgently 24 Hours a Day

  • Our Team Will Diagnose and Repair All Types of Plumbing Issues

  • Ready to Handle Your Emergency Plumbing Issues

If your weekend plumbing project has gone wrong, and your plumbing repairs look impossible, you should give Tri-Star Savannah a call. At Tri-Star Heating, Air and Plumbing best plumbers in Savannah GA as well as the installation of both commercial and residential plumbing systems.  

The Best Heating Contractor Savannah GA

Heating Contractor – Save Your Home From Cold

  • Quick & Dependable Repair Services

  • Reliable Heat Pump Installation & Repair

  • We Cover All Furnace and Heating Options

  • Latest Technology in Energy-Efficient Heating

  • We Offer All Water Heater Repair Services

Experts at Tri-Star Savannah will help you with your heat pump, ductless heat pump, water heater or gas furnace. Our professional service contractors will be with you within several hours in order to deal with your commercial or residential heating problems such as rusted and leaking parts. If you are experiencing cracked heat exchanger, then a furnace replacement is a must.

Air Conditioning Contractor – We Deal with All Types of Units

  • Major Air Conditioning Equipment Brands Serviced

  • Low-Maintenance Air Duct Installation

  • Trained & Highly Certified Technicians Will Screen & Replace AC

  • 24 Hours a Day AC service Available

If your air conditioning isn’t working properly then feel free to contact us at Tri-Star Heating, Air, and Plumbing in Savannah. Our air conditioning contractors are trained and certified in air conditioning repair but also installation, replacement, maintenance, and recharge.

Savannah GA HVAC

HVAC contractor – Highest Standard of Design and Installation

  • On Time & Fully Equipped for Any Service & Maintenance

  • Professional Correction of Air & Gas Mix in Burners

  • Savannah Technicians Insured & Licensed for AC Repairs

  • Air Duct Replacement & Sealing

Tri-Star Heating, Air & Plumbing is one of the top local residential and commercial HVAC companies. We do any kind of repair or installation of your HVAC system. We are specialized in handling your system with care and professionalism.

With us, you can choose the perfect HVAC system for your home/business.

Air Conditioning Repair Service – Keeping Local Homes Safe Since 2010

  • Our Skilled Team Guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Air Duct Screening and Replacement

  • Prompt Arrival to Inspect the AC

  • Quick and Inexpensive Preventive Maintenance and Service

We provide high-quality air conditioning repair in Savannah and South Georgia area, having spent many years improving our skills to solve all types of problems.

AC Repair Contractor Savannah
Best Drainage Service Savannah GA

Drainage Service – Affordable Prices with Top Quality Service

  • Drain Cleaning That Must Be Dealt With Today

  • Preventive Inspection Of Your Kitchen Pipes

  • Our Experienced Crew Will Assess the Situation

Grease, soap, fats and other substances build over time in your pipes which lead to clogging problems. Don’t let your pipes get clogged and blocked. Our technicians are skilled in kitchen drainage services that will get through the clog and remove the debris.

A Ten Step Guide
For Your Tri-Star Service Call.

Tri-Star Savannah has developed a guideline of 10 steps that occur on each service call – they begin when you visit our website and end with a “happy email or happy call”.


Rich history and vibrant streets are trademarks of Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is the largest city and the capital of the Chatham County. How did this town develop to be an economic and industrial hub? Let’s go back to the roots and find out!

Establishment of the city

We can trace first signs of Savannah’s establishment to February 1733 when ship “Anne” arrived with 120 people on it to Savannah River. Among them was General James Oglethorpe who was a key person for Savannah. He named the 13th American colony Georgia in the name of King Georgia II of England. From that moment Savannah became the first state capital.

Soon after, Oglethorpe met with the leader of the Yamacraws, Native Americans, Tomochichi and his wife, Senauki.

This meeting resulted in a great friendship that helped Savannah blossom, and avoid warfare.

Savannah’s look

Oglethorpe represented a plan with six units that were supposed to be interconnected and revolve around the central plazas.

Savannah ended up having lots on east and west of squares for public buildings, institutions, and churches while north and east were reserved for housings of the colonists.

The term America’s first planned city services from the fact that Savannah had units exactly 675 feet long on each side.

Even after the Oglethorpe’s return to the Kingdom in 1743, the city continued developing according to the general’s plan all up until 1850.  In 1850 new dominion created a new plan for the city.

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"Extremely fast installation on new unit. Most companies had estimated 3days before installation, however tristar did it the next day (even in statesboro)! great customer service. Thank you again TriStar!"
"I manage over 600 contractors across the country. We needed somebody new in Savannah and needed them quick. I was struggling and after calling about 15 different plumbers Tristar was the only one who responded with the necessary info in time. Better than I expected! Thanks Tri-star."
"My ac went out and I called these guys that morning and same day someone came out and fixed the fan motor......awesome; I can always depend on them "